Date: August 24, 1921
Time: 1740
Location: River Humber, England
Operator: Military - Royal Airship Works
Flight #: ?
Route: ?
AC Type: Royal Airship Works ZR-2 (airship)
Registration: R-38
cn / ln: R-38
Aboard: 49   (passengers:0  crew:49)
Fatalities: 43   (passengers:0  crew:43)
Ground: 1
Summary: Crashed due to structural failure followed by two explosions and a fire. Attributed to faulty design. This was a test flight before being handed over to the navy. Thirty-two British and 17 Americans were on board, and the survivors were 5 British and 1 American. The fatalities included the designer, Charles Campbell, who had copied a captured German design intended for high-altitude flight, therefore the skeleton was a bit weaker than some. The pilot overstressed it by attempting a turn at 62 mph at low altitude.

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