Date: January 15, 1953
Time: 0448
Location: 25 nm off Agrigento, Italy
Operator: Military -Royal Air Force
Flight #: -
Route: ?
AC Type: Vickers Valetta Mk1 / Avero Lancaster
Registration: VX562 / TX270
cn / ln: ?
Aboard: 26   (passengers:16  crew:10)
Fatalities: 26   (passengers:16  crew:10)
Ground: 0
Summary: Both aircraft crashed after a midair collision at approximately 1,500 ft. Weather conditions at the time were a factor with localized thundrestorms, heavy rain and hail. The court of enquiry was of the opinion that no responsibility could be attached to any individual. Although evidence revealed that the Malta Flight Information Center were not in possession of full information on the Lancaster's sortie, it was not a contributory cause. Nineteen killed aboard the Vickers, 7 aboard the Lancaster.

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