Date: April 08, 1954
Time: 1003
Location: Moose Jaw, SK, Canada
Operator: Trans Canada Air Lines / RCAF
Flight #: ?
Route: Montreal - Vancouver
AC Type: Canadair C-4-1Argonaut / Harvard Mark II
Registration: CF-TFW/RCAF3309
cn / ln: 150
Aboard: 36   (passengers:31  crew:5)
Fatalities: 36   (passengers:31  crew:5)
Ground: 1
Summary: Midair collision between a Canadair C-4-1 and a RCAF Harvard Mark II at 6,000 feet. Thirty-five killed on the Canadair, one on the Harvard. Failure on the part of the pilots of both aircraft to maintain a proper lookout. The onus of responsibility for keeping out of the way being with the Harvard aircraft as it had the other on its own right side.

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