Date: August 24, 1984
Time: 1118
Location: San Luis Obispo, California
Operator: Wings West Airlines / Private
Flight #: 628
Route: San Luis Obispo - San Fransisco
AC Type: Beechcraft C99 / Rockwell 112TC
Registration: N6399U/N112SM
cn / ln: U187 /
Aboard: 17   (passengers:13  crew:4)
Fatalities: 17   (passengers:13  crew:4)
Ground: 0
Summary: A head-on midair collision occurred at 3, 400 ft. near San Luis Obispo Airport . The Beech was climbing and the Rockwell was descending. Two aboard the Rockwell aircraft were killed along with 15 aboard the Beech. Failure of the pilots of both aircraft to follow the recommended communications and traffic advisory practices for uncontrolled airports in alerting each other to their presence. Underlying the accident were the physiological limitations of human vision and reaction time.

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