Date: August 16, 1987
Time: 2046
Location: Romulus, Michigan
Operator: Northwest Airlines
Flight #: 255
Route: Detroit, MI - Phoenix, AZ
AC Type: McDonnell Douglas MD-82
Registration: N312RC
cn / ln: 48090/1040
Aboard: 155   (passengers:149  crew:6)
Fatalities: 154   (passengers:148  crew:6)
Ground: 2
Summary: The aircraft stalled and crashed during takeoff from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. After liftoff, the wings of the airplane rolled to the left and right and then the aircraft collided with obsticales northeast of the runway when the left wing struck light poles and the roof of a rental car agency. A 4-year-old girl, Cecilia Cichan, was the only survivor. Slats and flaps not extended. Crew's failure to use taxi checklist to ensure flaps and slats were extended. Lack of electrical power to the aircraft takeoff warning system. The unit may have been turned off by pilot due to nuisance alarms.Cecelia is now married and earned a Psychology degree from the University of Alabama. Although she has made no public statements or attended annual memorial services regarding the tragic crash, she corresponds with some of the crash victimsí loved ones.

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