Date: November 15, 1987
Time: 1415
Location: Denver, Colorado
Operator: Continental Airlines
Flight #: 1713
Route: Denver, CO - Boise, ID
AC Type: McDonnell Douglas DC-9-14
Registration: N626TX
cn / ln: 45726/36
Aboard: 82   (passengers:77  crew:5)
Fatalities: 28   (passengers:25  crew:3)
Ground: 0
Summary: Crashed while taking off in a snowstorm. Failure to obtain taxi clearance, confused the ground controller when the plane reached the runway. The plane was not cleared to take off until 27 minutes after de-icing. During takeoff, the first officer overrotated and with the icing, the plane stalled, crashed, and overturned. Both captain and first officer were inexperienced in their respective jobs.

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