Date: November 28, 1987
Time: 0400
Location: Off Mauritius, Indian Ocean
Operator: South African Airways
Flight #: 295
Route: Taipei, Taiwan - Mauritius - Johannesburg, South Africa
AC Type: Boeing B-747-244B Combi
Registration: ZS-SAS
cn / ln: 22171/488
Aboard: 159   (passengers:140  crew:19)
Fatalities: 159   (passengers:140  crew:19)
Ground: 0
Summary: While over the Indian Ocean the crew contacted Mauritius approach control and reporting fire and smoke aboard. Three minutes after the last transmission the plane the plunged into the ocean 150 miles northeast of Mauritius. The fire caused incapacitation and disorientation of the crew, in-flight break-up and loss of control of the aircraft. The fire originated in a front pallet on the right side in the upper deck cargo hold. The fire of unknown origin possibly (1) incapacitated the crew; (2) caused disorientation of the crew due to thick smoke; (3) caused crew distraction; (4) weakened the aircraft structure, causing an in-flight break-up; (5) burned through control cables or ; (6) caused loss of control due to deformation of the aircraft fuselage. It has been rumored that an unstable substance, not listed on the manifest, was illigally being shipped and started the fire though this has never been proven.

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