Date: September 25, 1996
Time: 1637
Location: Waddenzee, Netherlands
Operator: Dutch Dakota Association
Flight #: ?
Route: Texel - Amsterdam
AC Type: Douglas DC-3C
Registration: PH-DDA
cn / ln: 19109
Aboard: 32   (passengers:26  crew:6)
Fatalities: 32   (passengers:26  crew:6)
Ground: 0
Summary: Shortly after takeoff from Texel, a connecting rod bearing in the No.1 engine failed. The prop was feathered. Soon after, a part of the feathering mechanism failed and the prop started windmilling causing drag. The aircraft rapidly descended and crashed onto a mud-flat. The accident was initiated by a combined failure of the left engine and the left feathering system. The accident became inevitable when the flight crew allowed the speed to decrease below stall speed and lost control of the aircraft at an altitude from which recovery was not possible.

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