Date: February 05, 1996
Time: 0950
Location: St. Johns, Arizona
Operator: Business Air Connection
Flight #: ?
Route: St. Johns, AZ - Brownsville, TX
AC Type: ConvairCV-440
Registration: N131T
cn / ln: 338
Aboard: 4   (passengers:2  crew:2)
Fatalities: 4   (passengers:2  crew:2)
Ground: 0
Summary: The cargo plane was unable to gain altitude while attempting to takeoff, overran the runway and hit power lines and a conrete barrier. Inadequate pre-flight planning and preparation by the PIC, his failure to ensure the aircraft was properly loaded within limitations, his failure to use proper flaps for takeoff, his failure to use ADI (Antidetonation Injection) assisted takeoff, and his resultant failure to attain sufficient airspeed to climb after takeoff. Factors relating to the accident were: the high density altitude, and the PIC's lack of experience in the make and model of airplane.

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