Date: December 09, 1996
Time: 1803
Location: Boise, Idaho
Operator: Emery Worldwide
Flight #: ?
Route: Boise - Salt Lake City
AC Type: Douglas C-47A
Registration: N75142
cn / ln: 9173
Aboard: 2   (passengers:0  crew:2)
Fatalities: 2   (passengers:0  crew:2)
Ground: 0
Summary: Shortly after takeoff the crew reported they had the right engine on fire. They attempted to return for an emergency landing but the cargo plane crashed right wing low, cartwheeled and burst into flames short of the runway. A fire within the right engine compartment of undetermined cause and the pilot-in-command's failure to maintain airspeed above the aircraft's minimum control speed. A factor contributing to the accident was the dark night environmental conditions

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