Date: December 24, 1996
Time: 1005
Location: Dorchester, New Hampshire
Operator: Aircraft Charter Group Inc
Flight #: ?
Route: Bridgeport, CT - Lebanon, NH
AC Type: Learjet 35A
Registration: N388LS
cn / ln: 35-388
Aboard: 2   (passengers:0  crew:2)
Fatalities: 2   (passengers:0  crew:2)
Ground: 0
Summary: The cargo plane was on a positioning flight when it struck rising terrain while making an approach to land. The captain's failure to maintain situational awareness, which resulted in the airplane being outside the confines of the instrument approach; and the crew's misinterpretation of a step-down fix passage, which resulted in an early descent into rising terrain. Factors included the captain's misreading of the instrument approach procedure, the crew's rushed and incomplete instrument approach briefing, their failure to use additional, available navigational aids, and their failure to account for the winds at altitude.

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