Date: February 06, 1996
Time: 2347
Location: Off Puerto Plata, Domincan Republic
Operator: Alas Nacionales, leased from Birgen Air
Flight #: 301
Route: Puerto Plata - Gander
AC Type: Boeing B-757-225
Registration: TC-GEN
cn / ln: 22206/31
Aboard: 189   (passengers:176  crew:13)
Fatalities: 189   (passengers:176  crew:13)
Ground: 0
Summary: The plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, 21 km north of Puerto Plata, shortly after taking off. Incorrect airspeed indications resulting from a clogged pitot tube. The readings were greater than the actual airspeed resulting in the crew reducing power and leading to a stall. Failure of the crew to recognize the activation of the control column shaker as a warning of an imminent stall. Failure of the crew to carry out the procedures to recover the aircraft from the stall and restore lift.

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