Date: January 08, 2016
Time: 0020
Location: Akkajaure Lake, Norrbotten, Sweden
Operator: West Air Sweden
Flight #: 294
Route: Oslo - Tromsų
AC Type: Canadair CRJ-200
Registration: SE-DUX
cn / ln: 7010
Aboard: 2   (passengers:0  crew:2)
Fatalities: 2   (passengers:0  crew:2)
Ground: 0
Summary: While en route, the crew of the cargo plan sent a unintelligible mayday message. The plane went into a near vertical dive and disintegrated on impact with the ground. The PC ,while flying at night, one Inertial Reference Unit failed and suddenly the instruments for the pilot flying showed the plane pitching steeply up, which he tried to correct. Due to the plane's unusual attitude, the instruments went into a "declutter" mode, which among other things removed the indication that the two pilots' instruments were conflicting.

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