Date: December 16, 1951
Time: 1509
Location: Elizabeth, New Jersey
Operator: Miami Airlines
Flight #: ?
Route: Fort Smith - Newark - Tampa
AC Type: Curtiss Wright C-46F
Registration: N1678M
cn / ln: 22572
Aboard: 56   (passengers:52  crew:4)
Fatalities: 56   (passengers:52  crew:4)
Ground: 1
Summary: Shortly after taking off from Newark Airport the control tower noticed smoke emanating from the right engine. Minutes later the aircraft gradually descended, its left wing dropped and the aircraft struck the roof of a vacant building. Hold-down studs in the number 10 cylinder of the right engine failed due to improper installtion of their nuts. Fire erupted at the base of the failed cylinder. Extension of the landing gear and loss of the right engine led to the aircraft stalling at the height of about 200 ft. The aircraft was also overloaded by 117 pounds. A stall with the landing gear extended following a serious loss of power from the right engine. This loss of power was caused by the failure of the hold-down studs of the No. 10 cylinder, precipitating a fire in flight which became uncontrollable.

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