Date: April 21, 1958
Time: 0830
Location: Near Sloan, 10 miles SW of Las Vegas, Nevada
Operator: United Air Lines / Military - U.S. Air Force
Flight #: 736
Route: Los Angeles - New York City
AC Type: Douglas DC-7 / F-100F
Registration: N6328C/56-3755
cn / ln: 45142 /243-31
Aboard: 49   (passengers:42  crew:7)
Fatalities: 49   (passengers:42  crew:7)
Ground: 0
Summary: The DC-7 was en route from Los Angeles to Denver flying at 21,000 ft. The military jet was on a training mission being conducted under VFR. The fighter initiated an evasive maneuver just prior to colliding with the airliner. Both trainee and instructor aboard the F-100 were killed along with all forty-seven aboard the DC-7 airliner. A high rate of near head-on closure at high altitude, Human and cockpit limitations and the failure of Nellis Air Force Base and the Civil Aeronautics Administration to take measures to reduce a known collision exposure as training exercises were allowed to be conducted within the confines of several airways after numerous close calls with military jets had been reported by airline crews for more than a year prior to the tragedy.

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