Date: September 17, 1961
Time: 0857
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Operator: Northwest Orient Airlines
Flight #: 706
Route: Chicago - Tampa
AC Type: Lockheed 188C Electra
Registration: N137US
cn / ln: 1142
Aboard: 37   (passengers:32  crew:5)
Fatalities: 37   (passengers:32  crew:5)
Ground: 0
Summary: Takeoff and Initial climb appeared to be normal, but at approximately 200 feet a shallow turn to the right continued into a gradually increasing bank of about 85 to 90 degrees. While in the turn, the crew made a short, garbled transmission indicating alarm. During the latter part of the turn a gradual descent began and, two minutes after taking off, the aircraft struck the ground. Mechanical failure in the aileron primary control system due to an improper replacement of the aileron boost assembly, resulting in a loss of lateral control of the aircraft at an altitude too low to effect recovery.

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