Date: April 20, 1968
Time: 2050
Location: Near Windhoek, South-West Africa (Namibia)
Operator: South African Airways
Flight #: 228/129
Route: Windhoek - Luanda
AC Type: Boeing B-707-344C
Registration: ZS-EUW
cn / ln: 19705
Aboard: 128   (passengers:116  crew:12)
Fatalities: 123   (passengers:111  crew:12)
Ground: 0
Summary: The aircraft took off from J. G. Strijdom Airport, climbed to an altitude of 600 ft. and then descended, crashing, about one minute after taking off 3 miles from the runway. Procedural errors during takeoff . Takeoff conditions in total darkness with no external visual reference. Stabilizer trim improperly set, spatial disorientation and preoccupation with after takeoff duties.

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