Date: May 03, 1968
Time: 1548
Location: Near Dawson, Texas
Operator: Braniff Airlines
Flight #: 352
Route: Houston - Dallas-Fort Worth
AC Type: Lockheed L188A Electra
Registration: N9707C
cn / ln: 1099
Aboard: 85   (passengers:80  crew:5)
Fatalities: 85   (passengers:80  crew:5)
Ground: 0
Summary: On a flight from Houston to Dallas the airliner flew into thunderstorms. While attempting to turn around by making a right hand turn, winds lifted the port wing, forcing the starboard wing down past 90 degrees. A stall resulted from this unusual attitude, pitching the nose down. During the recovery maneuver, the starboard wing was over-stressed, separating from the aircraft followed by the the tail and engines. The aircraft crashed into a field. Pilot's decision to penetrate a line of thunderstorms and severe weather. Visual perception of the pilot may have been reduced by a near lightning strike.

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