Date: August 04, 1968
Time: 0848
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Operator: North Central Airlines / Private
Flight #: 261
Route: ?
AC Type: Convair CV-580 / Cessna 150
Registration: N4634S / N8742S
cn / ln: 176 / ?
Aboard: 15   (passengers:10  crew:5)
Fatalities: 3   (passengers:2  crew:1)
Ground: 0
Summary: Midair collision with the Cessna which became embedded in the forward baggage compartment. Three person on the Cessna were killed none on the Convair. Lack of VFR separation. Inability of the Convair crew to detect the Cessna in sufficient time to take evasive action despite having been provided with three radar traffic advisories. Visual detection capabalities were substantially reduced by heavy accumulation of insect smears on the windshield and by haze, smoke and sun glare.

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