Date: December 31, 1968
Time: 0830
Location: Port Hedland, WA, Australia
Operator: MacRobertson Miller Airlines
Flight #: 1750
Route: Perth - Port Hedland
AC Type: Vickers Viscount 720
Registration: VH-RMQ
cn / ln: 045
Aboard: 26   (passengers:21  crew:5)
Fatalities: 26   (passengers:21  crew:5)
Ground: 0
Summary: Last radio contact from the aircraft was at 11:34 local 30 DME south of Port Hedland in moderate turbulence. The aircraft was seen descending rapidly. Wreckage was found 28 miles south of Port Hedland. The accident was caused by a crack originating at a bolt hole in the wing spar. Also, it was found that someone had carried out an incorrect procedure on the spar, by forcing an oversize bush into the housing of the lower spar boom, resulting in damage which exacerbated the spread of the hairline fracture.

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