Date: April 27, 1976
Time: 1510
Location: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
Operator: American Airlines
Flight #: 625
Route: New York City - Saint Thomas
AC Type: Boeing B-727-95
Registration: N1963
cn / ln: 19837/499
Aboard: 88   (passengers:81  crew:7)
Fatalities: 37   (passengers:35  crew:2)
Ground: 0
Summary: After touching down 2,200 feet down the runway, a go-around procedure was initiated. When there was no acceleration felt, the throttles were closed again. After attaining a nose-up attitude of 11 degrees, the aircraft ran off the end of the runway and struck a localizer antenna. The wingtip then clipped a hillside, the aircraft hit an embankment, went airborne and contacted the ground bursting into flames. The captain's actions and his judgement in initiating a go-around manoeuver with insufficient runway remaining after a long touchdown.

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