Date: June 04, 1976
Time: 0047
Location: Agana, Guam
Operator: Air Manila
Flight #: 702
Route: Wake Island - Guam - Manila
AC Type: Lockheed 188A Electra
Registration: RP-C1061
cn / ln: 1007
Aboard: 45   (passengers:33  crew:12)
Fatalities: 45   (passengers:33  crew:12)
Ground: 1
Summary: The No. 3 engine failed during the takeoff roll as the plane left Agana Naval Air Station. The aircraft began to rise but struck terrain and exploded in flames. The loss of climb capability after the crew retracted the flaps at too low an altitude to clear the rising terrain. The flaps were retracted after the No. 3 propeller feathered as the aircraft lifted off the runway. A driver in an automobile struck by the aircraft was killed.

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