Date: March 14, 1979
Time: 2340
Location: Near Doha Airport, Qatar
Operator: Alia Royal Jordanian Airlines
Flight #: 600
Route: Amman - Doha
AC Type: Boeing B-727-2D3
Registration: JY-ADU
cn / ln: 20886/1061
Aboard: 64   (passengers:49  crew:15)
Fatalities: 45   (passengers:41  crew:4)
Ground: 0
Summary: Despite two missed approaches in thunderstorms, the pilot declined the controllers' suggestion to divert to Dubai. The aircraft landed heavily on the runway (due to windshear), suffered landing gear damage, veered off the runway and crashed into a fire station building not far from the terminal building. At that time, all on board were still alive. Fire from spilled fuel started shortly thereafter and there was panic to escape the cabin. The aircraft was named "The City of Petra."

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