Date: November 15, 1979
Time: 1200
Location: Near Chicago, Illinois
Operator: American Airlines
Flight #: 444
Route: Chicago - Washington D.C.
AC Type: Boeing B-727
Registration: ?
cn / ln: ?
Aboard: 78   (passengers:72  crew:6)
Fatalities: 0   (passengers:0  crew:0)
Ground: 0
Summary: While en route from Chicago to Washington an explosive device detonated in the baggage compartment. The aircraft was flying at an altitude of approximately 34,500 feet, when the flight crew experienced a noise which they described as a thump. Smoke subsequently filled the cabin and the aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing at Washington-Dulles Airport. The bomb was planted by the Unabomber, a man who had been accused of attacks over an 18-year period. He was arrested in April 1996 and subsequently received a life sentence.

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