Date: November 28, 1979
Time: 1249
Location: Near Mt. Erebus, Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica
Operator: Air New Zealand
Flight #: 901
Route: Auckland - Christchurch
AC Type: McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30
Registration: ZK-NZP
cn / ln: 46910/182
Aboard: 257   (passengers:237  crew:20)
Fatalities: 257   (passengers:237  crew:20)
Ground: 0
Summary: The aircraft crashed into the slopes of Mt. Erebus while on sightseeing flight to Antarctica. An incorrect computer-stored flight plan resulted in a navigational error directing the flight towards Mt. Erebus. Because of overcast, the crew descended below authorized altitude. Contributing to the accident was the crew's inexperience with flying the Antarctic route. Information about the navigational errors was suppressed by officials.

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