Date: January 21, 1986
Time: 0425
Location: Ellendale, Minnesota
Operator: Air Taxi
Flight #: ?
Route: ?
AC Type: Bell 296B
Registration: N1498W
cn / ln: 425
Aboard: 3   (passengers:2  crew:1)
Fatalities: 3   (passengers:2  crew:1)
Ground: 0
Summary: The purpose of the flight was to take a news crew to a location to cover a story. The news crew had attempted to hire another helicopter, but that operator refused due to forecast low visibility. This pilot, however, agreed to fly. Although he was certified for instrument flight in airplanes, the pilot was not qualified for instrument flight in helicopters, nor was the helicopter certified for instrument flight. The helicopter crashed & burned approximately 100' from the highway near a power line crossing. Impact occurred while the helicopter was in a shallow descent, heading away from the highway & parallel with the power line. Continued VFR flight into IMC. Overconfidence in personal ability.

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