Date: August 31, 1986
Time: 1152
Location: Cerritos, California
Operator: Aeromexico / Private
Flight #: 498
Route: Tijuana - Los Angeles
AC Type: MD Douglas DC-9-32 / Piper PA-28-181
Registration: XA-JED/N4891F
cn / ln: 47356/470 /?
Aboard: 67   (passengers:58  crew:9)
Fatalities: 67   (passengers:58  crew:9)
Ground: 15
Summary: A midair collision occurred between a DC-9, attempting to land at LAX and a Piper at 6,560 ft. over Cerritos, California. The Piper struck and knocked the horizontal and vertical stabilizer off the DC-9. The Piper fell into an unoccupied playground. The DC-9 crashed into a neighborhood destroying eleven homes and damaging seven others. Sixty-four on the DC-9, three on the Piper who were all decapitated and 15 on the ground were killed. The pilot of the Piper inadvertently entered the LAX Terminal Control Area. The controller was distracted by another small aircraft in the area. The inadvertent and unauthorized entry of the PA-28 into the Los Angeles Terminal Control Area. The limitations of the "see and avoid" concept to ensure traffic separation under the conditions of the conflict.

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