Date: January 03, 1994
Time: 1208
Location: Near Mamony, Siberia, Russia
Operator: Baikal Air
Flight #: 130
Route: Irkutsk - Moscow
AC Type: Tupolev TU-154M
Registration: RA-85656
cn / ln: 89A801
Aboard: 124   (passengers:115  crew:9)
Fatalities: 124   (passengers:115  crew:9)
Ground: 1
Summary: The plane crashed during takeoff following a fire in the No. 2 engine and subsequent loss of the two remaining engines. Faulty air starter unit. Crew took off ignoring the "starter warning light" thinking it was false. The crew underestimated the severity of the situation due to shortcomings in the operational documentation. Breakup of the No.2 engine starter, damaging fuel and oil lines and causing a fire.

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