Date: March 23, 1994
Time: 0057
Location: Near Mezhdurechensk, Russia
Operator: Aeroflot Russian International Airways
Flight #: 593
Route: Moscow - Hong Kong
AC Type: Airbus A310-304
Registration: F-OGQS
cn / ln: 596
Aboard: 75   (passengers:63  crew:12)
Fatalities: 75   (passengers:63  crew:12)
Ground: 0
Summary: The aircraft crashed after a captain allowed his child to manipulate the controls of the plane. The pilot's 11 year old daughter and 16 year old son were taking turns in the pilot's seat. While the boy was flying, he inadvertently disengaged the autopilot linkage to the ailerons and put the airliner in a bank of 90 degrees which caused the nose to drop sharply. The co-pilot pulled back on the yoke to obtain level flight but the plane stalled. With his seat pulled all the way back, the co-pilot in the right hand seat could not properly control the aircraft. After several stalls and rapid pull-ups the plane went into a spiral descent. In the end the co-pilot initiated a 4.8g pull-up and nearly regained a stable flight path but the aircraft struck the ground in an almost level attitude killing all aboard. The aircraft was named Glinka, after Mikhail Glinka, the father of Russian music.

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