Date: July 02, 1994
Time: 1843
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Operator: USAir
Flight #: 1016
Route: Columbia, SC - Charlotte, NC
AC Type: McDonnell Douglas DC-9-30
Registration: N954VJ
cn / ln: 47590
Aboard: 57   (passengers:52  crew:5)
Fatalities: 37   (passengers:37  crew:0)
Ground: 0
Summary: The aircraft crashed into trees and a private residence after a missed approach during adverse weather conditions. Microburst induced windshear. Crew's inability to recognize windshear and microburst conditions. The flightcrew's decision to continue an approach into severe convective activity that was conducive to a microburst. The flightcrew's failure to recognize a windshear situation in a timely manner. The flightcrew's failure to establish and maintain the proper airplane attitude and thrust setting necessary to escape the windshear. The lack of real-time adverse weather and windshear hazard information dissemination from air traffic control.

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