Date: September 16, 2011
Time: 1625
Location: Reno, Nevada
Operator: Private - Aero Trans Corp
Flight #: ?
Route: Air race
AC Type: North American P-51D-15-NA Mustang
Registration: N79111
cn / ln: 109-35934
Aboard: 1   (passengers:0  crew:1)
Fatalities: 1   (passengers:0  crew:1)
Ground: 10
Summary: The pilot of the aircraft participating in an air race lost control and dove into the spectator box seating area disintegrating upon impact. A section of the left elevator trim tab separated in flight. Investigation determined that the looseness of the elevator trim tab attachment screws and a fatigue crack in one of the screws caused a decrease in the structural stiffness of the elevator trim system.

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