Air Traffic Control Errors
6/13/1947 Leesburg, Virginia Pennsylvania AL A contributing cause was the faulty clearance given by ATC.
05/22/1948 Khabarovsk, Russia Aeroflot ATC error.
11/01/1949 Arlington, Virginia Eastern Air Lines ATC error.
10/05/1952 Skvoritsy, Russia Aeroflot Midair collision with a TC-62 aircraft. ATC error.
04/14/1958 Castel de Fels, Spain Aviaco Another aircraft was permitted to takeoff without knowing the exact position of the plane.
07/21/1961 Shemya, Alaska Alaska AL Lack of guidance from air traffic controller during last stages of flight.
02/08/1965 New York, New York Eastern AL Placement of the two aircraft on a near head on course causing one to crash.
03/09/1967 Urbana, Ohio Trans World Airlines ATC systems inadequate to separate controlled and uncontrolled traffic.
03/05/1969 San Juan, Puerto Rico Prinair A trainee vectored the aircraft into mountainous terrain under IFR conditions.
09/09/1969 Fairland, Indiana Allegheny AL Inadequate VFR separation and deficiencies in the ATC system
02/06/1970 Samarkand, USSR Aeroflot Misidentification of aircraft by the ATC causing the plane to impact a mountain.
09/17/1971 Balkan Bulgarian AL Rila mountain, Bulgaria The ATC confused the aircraft with another Turkish aircraft.
12/04/1971 Raleigh, North Carolina Eastern AL Inadequacy of ATC facilities and services in the terminal area.
01/04/1972 Plovdiv, Bulgaria Balkan Bulgarian AL While on approach, the aircraft flew into a mountain. ATC error.
05/04/1972 Bratsk, Russia Aeroflot ATC error. Current weather was not passed on to the plane.
12/20/1972 Chicago, Illinois Delta/North Central The ATC gave ambiguous instructions to the crew.
07/31/1973 Boston, Massachusetts Delta Air Lines Poor positioning of the aircraft for an approach by ATC.
12/01/1974 Berryville, Virginia Trans World Airlines Lack of clarity in ATC procedures.
03/20/1975 Quilcene, Washington U.S. Air Force Faulty clearance by the ATC after misidentifying the C-141 as another aircraft.
12/04/1974 Irkutsk, Russia Aeroflot ATC error, negligence in operations. Midair collision.
09/09/1976 Adler, Russia Aeroflot / Aeroflot Violation of separation rules.
09/10/1976 Hrvatska, Yugoslavia Inex Adria Aviopromet / British Airways ATC error, negligence in operations. Midair collision.
02/11/1978 Cranbrook, BC Pacific Western AL Estimated time of arrival given by Calgary ATC in error.
08/11/1979 Dneprodzerzhinsk, USSR Aeroflot Separation error by the ATC causing a midair collision.
09/14/1979 Sarroch, Italy Aero Transporti Italiani Inadequate ATC assistance.
08/24/1981 Zavitinsk, Russia Russian Air Force Poor communication between civilian and military ATCs.
04/11/1983 Leninakan, Russia Aeroflot ATC procedural error in not identifying the planes position.
04/19/1983 Keninakan, Russia Aeroflot ATC procedural error in not identifying the planes position.
03/06/1987 Aeroflot Almaty, Kazakhstan The ATC didn't monitor the plane for at least 2 minutes after observing the plane taking a wrong course.
02/18/1989 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Flying Tiger AL Non-standard phraseology used by Kuala Lumpur ATC, causing the crew to misinterpret the instructions.
02/01/1991 Los Angeles, California  USAir/Skywest ATC cleared a plane to land while the runway was occupied by another aircraft.
01/20/1992 Strasbourg, France Air Inter The plane was slightly off course due to ATC error
09/22/1995 Ancorage, Alaska U.S. Air Force ATC did not worn about birds in the area.
11/07/1996 Lagos, Nigeria Aviation Dev. Corp. The controller thought he had cleared to aircraft to the correct altitude but didn't.
09/26/1997 Buah Nabar, Indonesia Garuda Indonesian AL ATC error in directing the plane in the wrong direction into mountainous terrain.
11/12/1999 Pristina, Kosovo UN Charter Improper tracking by the military ATC.
10/25/2000 Batumi,Georgia Russian Air Force ATC error.
07/01/2002 Uberlinger, Germany Bashkirian AL / DHL Conflicting information give to pilot by ATC and what he was receiving on his TCAS.


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