Bird Strikes
10/04/1960 Boston, Massachusetts Eastern AL During takeoff the aircraft struck a flock of starlings lost three engines and crashed.
11/23/1962 Ellicott, Maryland United AL The aircraft struck a Whistling Swan tearing off the left horizontal stabilizer.
03/24/1968 Wexford Harbor, Ireland Air Lingus Possible bird strike leading to structural damage and crash.
09/15/1988 Bahar Dar, Ethiopia Ethiopian AL Engine failure due to ingestion of 10-16 Columbia Guinea birds causing a crash.
04/18/1990 Off Panama Aero Perlas Crashed on takeoff due to engine failure caused by bird ingestion.
09/22/1995 Anchorage, Alaska U.S. Air Force Flew into a flock of 100 or more Canada Geese, lost two engines, and crashed.
04/19/2000 Pepo, Congo Centrafricain Airlines Crashed after losing its engines after striking birds.
01/15/2009 New York, New York US Airways Ditched in Hudson River after losing both engines after collision with Canadian Geese.


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