Cargo Hold / Cabin / Cockpit Fires
05/14/1923 Amiens, Picrdie, France Air Union Possibly started by a passenger discarding a match after lighting a cigarette.
05/07/1928 Florianopolis, Brazil Florianopolis, Brazil In-flight fire.
03/28/1933 Dixmude, Belgium Imperial Airways The fire was thought to have been started by a passenger, Dr. Voss, in an attempt to commit suicide.
07/28/1937 Hal, Belgium KLM Struck by lightning and after an in-flight fire.
08/06/1937 Bistrita, Romania Aeroflot A passenger lit a cigarette in the rear toilet and ignited accumulated vapors.
01/13/1939 Miles City, Montana Northwest Orient Airlines A fire of considerable intensity developed, prior to the crash, in the cockpit of the aircraft, in the immediate vicinity of the gasoline cross-feed valve.
08/15/1939 Copenhagen, Denmark British Airways Fire caused by overfilling of the fuel tanks.
04/21/1944 Frederikstad, Norway Deutsche Lufthansa A signal flare started an onboard fire
09/07/1945 Florence, South Carolina Eastern AL A fire of undetermined origin in the rear cargo compartment or lavatory.
06/01/1946 Amalfi, Italy U.S. Army Air Forces A fire of undetermined origin erupted in the cockpit.
07/11/1946 Reading, Pennsylvania Trans Continental In-flight fire caused by failure of a generator lead-through stud installation in the baggage compartment.
10/24/1947 United Air Lines Bryce Canyon, Utah A design flaw cause gasoline to be sucked back into the cabin heater intake.
06/17/1948 Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania United Air Lines In-flight fire in cargo hold.
12/15/1948 Bogata, Colombia LANSA Accidental detonation of fire works being carried aboard leading to the in-flight separation of the wing.
08/02/1949 Jaquirana, Brazil Varig A fire broke out in cargo hold G.
12/30/1949 Comilla, Pakistan Bharat Airways A fire erupted in a cargo hold.
10/27/1951 Flores, Guatemala Guatemalan Air Force A passenger may have started a fire in the aircraft's cabin with a cigarette.
02/01/1954 Hokkaido, Japan U.S. Air Force Reported fire in the cargo hold.
11/08/1957 Pacific Ocean Pan American Possible in-flight fire. High levels of carbon monoxide were found in bodies.
09/02/1958 Off Guam U.S. Air Force In-flight fire of unknown origin.
03/01/1959 Alma, Georgia Riddle Airlines The ignition of cargo in the aft belly compartment caused by contact with an unguarded light bulb.
09/04/1963 Durrenasch, Switzerland Swissair Damaged hydraulic line which caused a fire to start.
01/09/1964 Zarate, Argentina Aero Litoral Argentina The crew was possibly overcome by fumes from a fire in the cabin.
07/09/1964 Parrottsville, Tennesee United AL An uncontrollable fire of unknown origin which started below the passenger floor and eventually involved the passenger cabin.
06/27/1967 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Mohawk Airlines in-flight fire destroyed the pitch control systems. Incorrect installation of a valve caused hot air to ignite hydraulic fluid.
09/11/1968 Cap d'Antibes, France Air France Fire aboard in the rear of the cabin.
07/26/1969 Biskra, Algeria Air Algerie A fire in an electrical panel led to a cabin fire.
05/06/1970 Mogadishu, Somalia Somali Airlines Fire of unknown origin.
12/24/1971 Huanuco, Peru Lineas Aereas Nacionales The lightning caused a fire which led to the separation of the right wing and part of the left wing.
08/14/1972 Konigs, East Germany Interflug Melting insulation ignited flammable fluid which led to an uncontrollable fire that eventually weakened the structure until the tail fell off.
08/31/1972 Magnitogorsk, Russia Aeroflot Fire caused by spontaneous ignition of passenger baggage.
07/11/1973 Paris, Orly, France Varig A fire started in the aft right toilet either from an electrical short or discarded cigarette.
11/03/1973 Boston, Massachusetts Pan American Smoke in the cockpit and uncontrollable fire caused by spillage of nitric acid on sawdust packing in the cargo hold.
11/26/1979 Ta'if, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Pakistan Inter. AL A fire may have been started by a passenger possibly from a leaking kerosene stove.
08/19/1980 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabian AL A fire broke out in the aft cargo compartment.
09/15/1980 Medina, Saudi Arabia Royal Saudi Air Force In-flight fire.
12/24/1982 Guangzhou, China CAAC
A passenger's cigarette caused a fire in the cabin which led to an oxygen tank exploding.
02/13/1983 Fayetteville, North Carolina U.S. Air Force Fire caused by an overheated APU.
06/02/1983 Covington, Kentucky Air Canada An in-flight fire in the rear lavatory, of unknown origin.
12/31/1985 De Kalb, Texas Private Fire started in a defective cabin heater.
07/02/1986 Syktyvar, Russia Aeroflot An in-flight fire was caused by baggage that ignited in the rear cargo hold.
05/09/1987 Warsaw, Poland LOT A fire in the cargo hold was not detected because of damage to the fire warning system.
11/28/1987 Mauritius, Indian Ocean South African Airways A fire originated in a front pallet on the right side in the upper deck cargo hold.
04/12/1988 United Airways Hennenman, South Africa A leak at the right booster pump was the source of the fire.
01/13/1990 Pervouralsk, Russia Aeroflot A fire broke out in the rear cargo hold. Electrical short.
07/11/1991 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Nigeria Airways Fire in the wheel well due to under inflated tires.
07/12/1995 Gumey, Papua New Guinea Milne Bay Air Fire broke out in the cargo hold in a passenger's luggage.
05/11/1996 Everglades, Florida ValuJjet An in-flight fire caused by activation of oxygen generators in the forward cargo hold.
04/15/1997 Gyandzha, Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Airlines A stray bullet from training soldiers struck an oxygen canister of the landing plane.
06/06/1997 Irumu, Congo Bazair Fire in the cabin.
09/02/1998 Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia Swissair A fire in the entertainment system wiring started in a hidden area above the cockpit ceiling when arcing ignited the cover material made of thermal insulation blankets.
08/21/1999 Hualian, Taiwan Uni Air Accidental ignition of gasoline stored in 2 bleach bottles in the overhead.
07/25/2000 Gonesse, France Air France Concorde caught fire after foreign object ruptured the fuel tank.
01/21/2001 Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela Rutaca Airlines Caught fire after takeoff.
03/03/2001 Thai Airways Bangkok, Thailand Center fuel tank explosion and fire while on the ground.
12/01/2001 Novaya Inya , Russia Russian military Fire on board at FL290.
05/26/2006 Chelyabinsk, Russia Moskovia Airlines Fire on board.
08/22/2006 Donetsk, Ukraine Pulkovo Airlines Fire reported on board.
08/03/2008 Vancouver Island Pacific Coastal Airlines Electrical fire ignited spilt fuel.
08/06/2009 Nganga Lingolo, Congo Aero Fret Business Fire in the rear of the plane.
04/21/2010 Pampanga, Philippines Interisland Airlines Electrical fire.
09/03/2010 Dubai, United Arab Emirates United Parcel Service- UPS Fire and smoke from the cargo area. Carrying lithium batteries.
07/21/2011 Off Jeju, South Korea Asiana Airlines Fire in the cargo hold.


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