Fuel Starvation
05/18/1935 Knowles Flying Service Flint, Michigan Negligence on the pilot for not replenishing his fuel supply before it got dangerously low.
12/31/1935 Imperial Airways Alexandria, Egypt Ran out of fuel.
07/02/1937 Lae, New Guinea Purdue Res. Found. The aircraft had to be flown higher than expected due to storms which used extra fuel.
11/29/1938 Off Point Reyes, Calif. United Air Lines Ran out of fuel forcing a ditching at sea.
02/09/1943 Gander, Newfoundland British Overseas AW Ran out of fuel.
12/28/1946 Michigan City, Michigan American AL Ran out of fuel for unknown reasons.
01/05/1947 Carmel, New Jersey Nationwide Air Trans. Near fuel exhaustion forced the crew to carry out an emergency landing.
01/11/1947 Lympne, England BOAC Ran out of fuel because of poor weather conditions encountered throughout the flight.
01/07/1948 Savannah, Georgia Coastal Air Lines The fuel valves were positioned so that both engines were supplied from only one tank.
01/30/1948 Near Bermuda British So. Am. AW Ran into strong head winds in the Atlantic and ran out of fuel.
08/15/1949 Lurga Point, Ireland Transocean Air Lines Ran out of fuel and ditched in the Atlantic.
07/28/1950 Porte Alegre, Brazil Penair do Brasil Ran out of fuel while in a holding pattern.
04/30/1952 Delhi, India Deccan, AW Fuel starvation after the plane banked to make a turn and the tank was almost empty.
05/26/1952 Atar, Mauritania British Overseas AW Became lost in the desert and ran out of fuel.
06/19/1954 Folkestone, England  Swissair Ditched into the Atlantic Ocean after running out of fuel.
12/22/1954 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Johnson Flying Service Ditched into the Monongahela River after running out of fuel.
05/02/1970 St. Croix, Virgin Islands Antillian AL Ran out of fuel and ditched into the Mediterranean Sea.
12/05/1970 Delhi, India Jamair The No. 2 engine failed on takeoff due to fuel starvation.
02/01/1972 Tegal, Indonesia Penas Due to a compass error the aircraft became lost and crashed due to fuel starvation.
07/24/1973 Honolulu, HI Air Hawaii Fuel starvation. Rear auxiliary tanks not serviced.
08/11/1974 Ouagadougou, Upper Volta Air Mali After being diverted and a navigation error the crew circled the wrong city.
10/20/1977 Gillsburg, Mississippi L & J Company A malfunction in the No.2 engine caused a higher than normal fuel consumption.
12/02/1977 Al Bayda, Lebanon Balkan Bulgarian AL Because of fog, the crew could not find the alternate airport and ran out of fuel.
12/28/1978 Portland, Oregon United AL Ran out of fuel while the crew was distracted with a landing gear problem.
09/04/1982 Rio Branco, Brazil Cia Bras. de Tratores Ran out of fuel on the third approach in poor weather.
07/23/1983 Gimli, Manitoba, Canada Air Canada Accidentally used pounds/liter for the specific gravity factor instead of kilograms/liter.
09/03/1989 Sao Jose do Xingu, Brazil Varig The crew flew in the wrong direction for two hours then ran out of fuel.
01/25/1990 Cove Neck, New York Avianca Put in series of holding patterns because of heavy traffic and ran out of fuel.
09/11/1990 Off Newfoundland, Canada Faucett Ran out of fuel and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean.
06/26/1991 Sokotu, Nigeria Okada Air After circling for an hour, unable to locate the air field, the plane ran out of fuel.
11/15/1993 Kerman, Iran Magistralnye Avialinii Ran out of fuel while in a holding pattern.
09/18/1994 Tamanrasset, Algeria Oriental AL After circling for1 1/2 hours and aborting four landing attempts the plane ran out of fuel.
09/26/1994 Vanavera, Russia Cheremshanka AL After three landing attempts, the crew diverted to their alternate but ran out of fuel.
09/11/1995 Jalalabad, Afghanistan  Ariana Afghan AL Ran out of fuel.
10/31/1995 Piedras Negras, Mexico TACSA Ran out of fuel trying to land in fog.
04/05/1996 Petropavlovsk, Russia Krasnoyarskie AV Crashed into a mountain after running out of fuel.
01/13/1998 Tor Kach, Pakistan Ariana Afghan AL Crashed into a mountain after being diverted to their alternate due to bad weather.
03/24/2000 Kadirana, Sri Lanka OMSK After 2 messages they were low on fuel, the plane crashed while attempting to land.
08/12/2001 Lajes, Terceira, Azores Air Transat Improperly installed part caused a fuel leak and the plane to run out of fuel.
06/11/2002 Winnipeg, Manitoba Keystone Air Services Ran out of fuel.
11/11/2002 Manila, Philippines Laoag Int. Airlines Failure of the pilot and co-pilot to check the fuel valves.
08/13/2004 Cincinnati, Ohio Air Tacoma Flightcrew's failure to monitor the fuel gauges and to recognize a fuel imbalance.
08/06/2005 Off Palermo, Italy Tuninter The maintenance crew incorrectly installed a fuel gauge for a ATR-42 on the ATR-72.
11/28/2016 La Union, Columbia LAMIA Bolivia16 Took off without enough fuel.


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