09/03/1929 Mt. Taylor, New Mexico Trans Con. Air Transport Struck by lightning during a thunderstorm.
07/28/1937 Hal, Belgium KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Crashed into a potato field after possibly being struck by lightning.
07/22/1938 Stulpica, Romania LOT Struck by lightning.
08/31/1940 Lovettsville, Virginia Penn Central AL Disabled pilots by a severe lightning discharge in vicinity of plane.
09/27/1946 Rio Doce, Brazil Panair do Brasil Crashed into a mountainside after being possibly struck by lightning.
05/13/1949 Novosibirsk, Russia Aeroflot Crashed after penetrating a thunderstorm and lightning hit the cockpit.
01/17/1951 Civitavecchia, Italy Alitalia Lightning ignited mixture of air and fuel fumes in the fuel tank.
09/07/1951 Kazakh, Russia Aeroflot The aircraft crashed shortly after being struck by lightning.
06/26/1959 Varese, Italy Trans World AL Ignition of gasoline vapors emanating from the fuel tank vent pipes by static discharge.
07/19/1961 Azul, Brazil Aerolineas Argentinas Stuck by lightning and extreme turbulence.
12/19/1962 Warsaw, Poland LOT Stalled after being struck by lightning.
08/12/1963 Lyon, France Air Inter Possibility of a flash of lightning dazzling the crew and causing temporary blindness.
12/08/1963 Elkton, Maryland Pan American AW Lightning induced ignition of fuel tank vapors.
04/18/1967 Zarand, Iran Iranian Air Force Crashed after being struck by lightning.
12/24/1971 Puerto Inca, Peru Lineas Aereas Nac. Lightning caused a fire which led to the separation of the right wing.
05/09/1976 Madrid, Spain Iran Air Force Lightning caused an explosion in the No. 1 fuel tank which caused the left wing to fail.
09/05/1980 Montelimar, France Kuwait Air Force Struck by lightning.
02/08/1988 Mulheim, Germany NFD Struck by lightning and suffered a complete electrical failure.
08/09/1995 San Vincente, El Salvador Aviateca Possible damage to the aircraft's DME due to lightning.
06/22/2000 Shitai, China Wuhan AL Struck by lightning causing the plane to explode and crash.
10/10/2001 Off Valencia, Spain Flightline Electrical power was lost following a lightning strike.
12/27/2002 Anjouan, Comoros Islands Ocean Airlines Struck by lightning causing loss of artificial horizons and gyro compasses.


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