Pilot Incapacitation
10/25/1948 Georgian SSR, USSR Aerflot Crew drank alcohol before the flight.
10/06/1955 Centennial, Wyoming United AL Incapacitation of crew by carbon monoxide emanating from a faulty cabin heater.
10/30/1959 Waynesborough, Virginia Piedmont AL Mental breakdown of captain during flight.
01/03/1961 Koivulahti, Finland Finnair Both pilots tested positive for alcohol.
12/14/1962 Burbank, California Flying Tiger Line Incapacitation of the captain with a heart attack at a critical point in the approach.
04/22/1966 Ardmore, Oklahoma American Flyers AL Incapacitation of the captain with a heart attack during final stages of approach.
12/24/1966 Cascubel River, Colombia AVIANCA Consuming alcohol shortly before the flight.
03/13/1967 East London, South Africa South African AW The captain suffered a heart attack and first officer could not regain control of aircraft.
01/14/1970 Mt. Pumacona, Peru Faucett The mental state of the pilot adversely affected his judgment and efficiency.
06/18/1972 Staines, Surrey, England British European AW Incapacitation of the captain due to a possible arterial hemorrhage.
10/13/1972 Krasnaya, Polyana, USSR Aeroflot Sudden incapacitation of the crew for reasons unknown.
02/09/1982 Tokyo, Japan Japan AL The captain, known to have mental problems, put the inboard engines into reverse.
08/28/1986 Texarkana, Arkansas Southwest Airlift Alcohol impairment of the pilot and co-pilot.
04/19/1991 Nuka Hiva, French Polynesia Air Tahiti The crew's performance may have been impacted by alcohol consumption.
03/31/1995 Balotesti, Romania Trans. Aeriene Rom. The captain was incapacitated shortly after taking off.
09/04/2000 Near Burketown, Australia Central Air Incapacitation of the captain due to depressurized cabin and lack of oxygen.
08/14/2005 Grammatikos, Greece Helios Airways Pressurization failure incapacitated the entire crew.


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