Pilot Suicide
02/09/1982 Tokyo, Japan Japan Air Lines Pilot engaged number 2 and 3 engine thrust reversers in flight. The first officer and flight engineer were able to partially regain control of the aircraft.
08/21/1994 Near Agadir, Morocco Royal Air Maroc Crashed intentionally by pilot by disconnecting the autopilot and deliberately causing the plane to crash.
11/29/2013 Bwabwata National Park, Nambia Mozambique Airline The pilot intentionally crashed the aircraft after the co-pilot was locked out of the cockpit.
03/08/2014 Indiian Ocean Malaysia Airlines An investigation by the Malaysian government asserted that the plane was manually flown off course. Several possible explanations for the disappearance of the aircraft have been offered. A leading theory amongst experts is that either the pilot or the co-pilot committed an act of murder-suicide however, it has never been proven.
03/24/2015 Digne-Les-Bains, Fran Germanwings Pilot deliberately flew the plane into the ground.
03/21/2022 Wuzhou, Guangxi, China China Eastern Airlines Some investigators believe the airliner may have been intentionally crashed.
12/19/1997 Near Palembang, Indonesia Slik Air The United States' NTSB ruled the incident a suicide, but the Indonesian  listed the cause as undetermined. A private investigation blamed a flaw in the plane's rudder.
10/31/1999 Off Nantucket Island, Massachusetts Egyptair After the captain left the cockpit, relief first officer turned off the autopilot and engines causing the plane to go into a dive and crash into the Atlantic Ocean. The U.S. NTSB concluded that the crash was a suicide while the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority blamed a fault in the elevator control system.


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