October 4, 1992
Amsterdam, Netherlands
El Al, Flight 1862
Boeing B-747-258F

Shortly after taking off from Schiphol Airport, while climbing through 6,500 feet, the No. 3 engine separated with its pylon from the aircraft and damaged the leading edge of the right wing. The No. 3 engine separated in such a way that the No. 4 engine and pylon also separated from the wing. During an attempted return to the airport, the aircraft crashed into a 11 story building in the Bijlmermeer residential district. The design and certification of the B-747 pylon was found to be inadequate to provide the required level of safety. The system to ensure structural integrity by inspection failed. The separation of the No. 3 engine was initiated by fatigue (corrosion) in the inboard midspar fuse pin. This led to loss of the No. 4 engine and pylon and damage to several systems which ultimately led to loss of control of the aircraft.




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