1970 - 1979
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07/05/1970 Premature deployment of spoilers, Air Canada, Toronto, Canada
11/14/1970 Marshal University football team tragedy.  Huntington, West Virginia
11/27/1970 Capital Airlines DC8 over overruns runway, Anchorage Alaska
05/28/1971 WW II hero Audie Murphy killed, Roanoak, Virginia
06/06/1971 Hughes Air West midair collision with a F-4 over the San Gabriel Mtns., California
05/05/1972 Alitalia DC8 crashes into mountain, Carini Sicily
06/18/1972 Incapacitated British Airways pilot leads to crash, London, England
08/14/1972 Tail separates from plane after uncontrollable fire
09/24/1972 Sabrejet crashes into ice cream parlor, Sacramento, California
12/03/1972 Crash of a Convair 900 at Tenerife, Canary Islands
12/29/1972 Eastern Air Lines Lockheed TriStar crashes into the Everglades
07/11/1973 Emergency landing after a fire is reported aboard
09/20/1973 Singer, Jim Croce killed, Natchitoches, Louisiana
01/30/1974 Pan Am B707 crashes at Pago Pago, American Samoa
03/03/1974 Defective cargo door latch, Turkish Airlines, Ermenonville, France
03/13/1974 Charter plane crash kills the Wolper Productions movie crew, near Bishop, California
04/04/1975 Flight evacuating 243 Vietnamese orphans crashes on takeoff from Saigon
06/24/1975 Eastern Airlines B727 crashed while landing at JFK Airport
09/10/1976 ATC error causes midair collision
03/27/1977 Pan American/KLM, ground collision, Tenerife, Canary Islands
08/01/1977 Helicopter crash killes news reporter Francis Gary Powers, Encino, California
10/20/1977 Plane crash kills Lynyrd Skynyrd band members, Gillsburg, Mississippi
11/15/1978 Icelandic Air DC-8 crashes in Sri Lanka
03/01/1978 Continental DC10 catches on fire after an aborted takeoff
05/08/1978 Boeing 727 land short of the runway in 12 feet of water
09/25/1978 Pacific Southwest Airlines midair collision with a Cessna over San Diego, CA
12/28/1978 United Air Lines DC8 runs out of fuel and crashes.
05/25/1979 American Airlines worst US air disaster in history, Chicago, Illinois
08/02/1979 Yankee catcher Thurman Munson killed in his Cessna 501 Citation
0811/1979 Two Aeroflot Tupolev 134s collide in midair.
10/08/1979 Swissair DC-8 runs off the runway
10/31/1979 Western Airlines DC-10 lands on closed runway
11/28/1979 Air New Zealand sightseeing disaster, Mt. Erebus, Antarctica
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