1980 - 1989
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02/27/1980 China Airlines B707 undershoots runway and crashes
03/14/1980 Twenty-two members of the US boxing team killed in crash at Warsaw, Poland
04/12/1980 Transbrasil B727 crashes while attempting to land in a thunderstorm
08/19/1980 Landed safely, but all aboard killed, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
12/01/1981 MD81 crashes into mountain while on approach
01/13/1982 Air Florida B737 crashes in the Potomac River
01/23/1982 World Airways DC10 runs off end of runway
03/19/1982 Guitarist Randy Rhoad's killed, Leesburg, Florida
06/08/1982 A VASP B-727 crashes into a mountian in Brazil
07/09/1982 Pan Am B727 flies into a microbust
09/13/1982 Spantax DC-10 overruns runway
06/02/1983 Air Canada lavatory fire leads to emergency landing
11/27/1983 Procedural errors, AVIANCA, Madrid, Spain
12/07/1983 Ground collision between a B727 and DC-9 at Madrid, Spain
02/19/1985 Captain ignores warnings from the Ground Proximity Warning System
08/02/1985 Windshear, Delta Airlines, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas
08/12/1985 Defective repair leads to blowout of pressure bulkhead, Japan Airlines
08/22/1985 A B737 catches on fire after engine disintegrates
12/12/1985 Icing or explosive device, Arrow Air, Gander, Newfoundland
12/31/1985 Wreckage of singer Ricky Nelson's DC-3
03/31/1986 Mexicana B-727 crashes due to overheated tire
08/31/1986 Aeromexico midair collision with a Piper, Cerritos, California
05/09/1987 LOT Polish Airlines crashes in Warsaw Poland
08/16/1987 Flaps not extended on takeoff, Northwest Airlines, Romulus, Michigan
04/08/1988 Top of plane peels off, Aloha Airlines, Maui, Hawaii
06/26/1988 Air France Airbus crashes during demonstration flight at air show
08/31/1988 Improperly set flaps during takeoff
12/21/1988 Bomb aboard Pan Am Flight 103 causes crash, Lockerbie, Scotland
01/08/1989 Crew shuts down wrong engine
02/08/1989 A Independent Air B-707 flies into a mountain
06/07/1989 Dutch soccer team Colorful 11 killed, Paramaribo, Suriname
07/19/1989 Loss of all hydraulics, Sioux City, Iowa
09/19/1989 Bomb placed aboard a Union des Transportes Aeriens B747
09/20/1989 USAir B737 overruns runway
11/27/1989 Bomb placed aboard a AVIANCA B727
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