Date: February 01, 1991
Location: LAX, Los Angeles, California
Aircraft: Boeing B-737-300 / Swearingen SA-227AC
Reg: N388US/N683AV
Airline: USAir / Skywest Airlilnes
Flight No: 1493 / 5569
Fatalities: 99 : 34

The Skywest Metroliner was told to taxi into position for takeoff and hold. The ATC became preoccupied with another aircraft that departed the tower frequency. A Wings West aircraft reporting "ready for takeoff", caused some confusion because the controller didn't have a flight progress strip in front of her. The strip appeared to have been misfiled at the clearance delivery position. The USAir, which was cleared to land, landed on top of the Metroliner. After the collision, both planes slid off the runway into an unoccupied fire station and burst into flames.