Boeing B-747

Ilyushin IL 76TD

Date: November 12, 1996
Location: Near Charkhi Dadri, India
Aircraft: Boeing B-747-168B / Ilyushin IL-76TD
Reg: HZ-AIH / UN-76435
Airline: Saudi Arabian Airlines / Kazastan Airlines
Flight No: 763 / 1907
Fatalities: 349 : 349

The remains of a Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 747 and a Kazastan Airlines Ilyushin 76 after a midair collision over New Delhi, India resulting in the loss of 349 lives. The Indian accident report attributed the failure of most of the IL76 crew to correctly understand the situation due to their lack of a working knowledge of English. Also contributing to the crew's decision to continue the descent below their clearance limit were poor cockpit resource management, a lack of leadership by the captain, a lack of co-ordination between the crew and a general casual attitude to the conduct of the flight.