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Location:  Kathmandu, Nepal
Operator:  Turkish Airlines            Flight:726
AC Type:  Airbus A-330-303
Reg:  TC-JOC      cn: 1522
Aboard: 238     Fatalities: 0    Ground: 0
Route:  Istanbul - Kathmandu
Details:  A Turkish Airlines Airbus 330 overshot the runway in dense fog while landing at Kathmandu, Nepal. None of he 224 passengers were seriously hurt.

Date:  February 4, 2015     Time: 1055
Location:  Taipei, Taiwan
Operator:  Transasia             Flight: 235
AC Type:  ATR 72-600
Reg:  B-22816      cn: 1141
Aboard: 58      Fatalities: 40    Ground: 0
Route:  Taipei - Kinmen
Details:  After the aircraft took off, it climbed to 1,300 feet, turned left and began losing altitude and speed. It then, banked to 90 degrees, the wingtip striking a taxi on a roadway and crashed into the Keelung River, coming to rest inverted.

Date:  January 26, 2015     Time: 1530
Location:  Los Llanos air base, Spain
Operator:  Military - Greek Air Force
AC Type:  General Dynamics F16D
Reg:  084      cn: 93-1084
Aboard: 2      Fatalities: 2    Ground: 9
Details:  The military fighter lost power as it attempted to take off, crashing into 5 planes on the ground. The aircraft was participating in NATO training exercises. Both pilots and 8 people on the ground were killed.

Date:  January 18, 2015     Time: ?
Location:  Near Abu adh Dhuhur Air Base, Syria
Operator:  Syrian Air Force
AC Type:  Antonov An-26
Reg:  YK-AND        cn: 3008
Aboard: 37      Fatalities: 31     Ground: 0
Route:  ?

The army transport crashed while attempting to land in fog after hitting electric lines. The Al Nursa front, claimed that it shot down the aircraft.

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2/16/15  An Atrak Air Airbus 320 lost an engine while taking off at Mehrabad International Airport in Tehran, Iran. The plane continued the takeoff circled and landed safely.

2/14/14  Seven people were inured on United Air Lines Flight 15, bound from Newark to Honolulu due to sudden turbulence.

2/9/2015 USAir flight 1825 made an emergency landing at Houston Internatinal Airport after its nose wheel failed to deploy.

2/9/15 An American Airlines plane bound from Dallas to Cedar Rapids made an emergency landing at Tulsa Airport after a report of fumes in the cockpit.

2/9/15 Wreckage from a plane crash 54 years ago in 1961 was found by mountaineers in Chile. Tweny-four people including the Green Cross soccer team were killed.

1/29/15   A United Airlines plane with 206 people, headed from LAX to Washington DC made an emergency landing at Ontario International Airport after the crew detected a buring smell.

1/17/15   JetBlue says one of it's planes aborted a takeoff at Kennedy International Airport when another aircraft suddenly crossed the runway. Flight 1295 to Austin, Texas, was cleared for takeoff on Saturday evening and rolling down the tarmac at full speed when the pilot was forced to put on the brakes.

01/11/15 United Airline Flight 401, an A319, made an emergency landing at LAX due to possible mechanical problems.

A Loganair Saab 340, Flight 6820, veered off the runway at Stornoway Airport in Scotland while landing. Two of the 28 aboard were injured.



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