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Date:  December 12, 2014     Time: 0620
Location:  Hokandara, Sri Lanka
Operator:  Military - Sri Lanka Air Force
AC Type:  Antonov AN-32B
Reg:  SCM-864      cn: 3509
Aboard: 5      Fatalities: 5    Ground: 0
Details:  The military plane crashed onto a rubber plantation after hitting the roof of at least one house. The pilot was attempting to land at Colombo Airport in Ratmalana in heavy fog.

Date:  December 8, 2014     Time: 10:45
Location:  Gaithersburg, Maryland
Operator:  Sage Aviation - Private
AC Type:  Embraer EMB 500 Phenom 100
Reg:  N200EQ      cn: 5000082
Aboard: 3      Fatalities: 3    Ground: 0
Details:  The plane was on approach to Montgomery County Airpark when it crashed a mile north of the airport into a houses on the 19000 block of Drop Forge Drive. All three aboard the jet were killed as well as a mother and her two children in a house the aircraft impacted.

Date:  December 3, 2014     Time: 09:30
Location:  Near Mariquita, Colombia
Operator:  Nacional de Aviación
AC Type:  Piper PA-31 350 Navajo Chieftain
Reg:  HK-4464      cn: 31-7952229
Aboard: 10      Fatalities: 10    Ground: 0
Route:  Guaymaral - Bahia Solano
Details:  The pilot stated he was making an emergency landing but crashed 8 miles from the Jose Celestino Mutis airport. The impact completely destroyed the plane. All 8 passengers and crew of 2 were killed.


Date:  December 2, 2014     Time: 0937
Location:  Off Nassau, New Providence Island, Bahamas
Operator:  Ferg's Air Charter
AC Type:  Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain
Reg:  C6-REV      cn: 31-765062
Aboard: 11      Fatalities: 1    Ground: 0
Route:  Governors Harbour - Lynden Pindling Int.

The pilot of the charter aircraft radoed he had lost power after which he ditched the aircraft in shallow water 550 feet off shore, near Clifton Pier. One passenger was killed.

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12/16/14  Fourteen people were injured when American Airlines Flight 280 ran into turbulence while flying from Korea to Dallas, TX.

12/15/14  A Delta Airlines B767 headed from Seattle to Paris made an emergency landing at Billings, MO after someone smelled smoke coming from a cargo compartment.

12/14/14 Souhwest Airlines flight 3118, heading to Washington DC, made an emergeny landing at Baltimore Washingtion international airport after being struck by a bird.

12/12/14   A  Russian military jet nearly collided with a commercial passenger airplane in international airspace near southern Sweden, Swedish authorities reported.

12/08/2014   Qantas Flight 2 had to make an em-ergency controlled descent from 39K tio 9K due to the plane's malfunctioning air conditioning sysem.

11/28/2013  A sudden change in weather conditions and the flight crew's failure to properly execute procedure, have been identified as the probable causes of the crash of Lao Airlines flight 301, on 10/16/2013, according to a final report on the accident.

A shutle bus hit American Airlines Flight 232 while it was parked at a gate in Atlanta, Georgia. The wing was significantly damaged and passengers were quickly evacuated.

11/14/14 Alaska Airlines Flight 349 bound for Seattle, returned to Oakland after the aircraft experienced a bird srike. There were no injuries.



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