Date:  May 2, 2018      Time: 1130
Location:  Port Wentworth, Georgia
Operator:  Military - US Air Force
AC Type:  Lockheed HC-130H Hercules
Reg:  65-0968       cn: 382-4110
Aboard:  5   Fatalities: 5   Ground: 0
Route:  Savannah - Tuscon
Details:  A Puerto Rico Air National Guard plane crashed onto a highway shortly after taking off from Savannah/Hilton International Airport. The aircraft went into a left bank and crashed to the ground. It was flying to Tucson where it was to be decommissioned. The aircraft was over 50 years old.


Date:  April 17, 2018      Time: 1004
Location:  NW of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Operator:  Southwest Airlines           Flight:1380
AC Type:  Boeing 737-7H4
Reg:  N722SW        cn: 27880/601
Aboard:  149  Fatalities: Ground: 0
Route:  New York - Dallas
Details:  While climbing to FL320, the No. 1 engine suffered an uncontained catastrophic failure. Shrapnel struck and broke a window which resulted in explosive decompression. A woman passenger sitting in the window seat was partially sucked out of the window. Passengers were able to pull her back in the cabin but she was reported in cardiac arrest and soon after died. The crew declared an emergency and landed safely at Philadelphia airport.
Date:  April 11, 2018      Time: 0800
Location:  Boufarik AB, Algeria
Operator:  Military - Algerian Air Force
AC Type:  Ilyushin 76-TD
Reg:  7T-WIP        cn: 1043419636
Aboard:  257  Fatalities: 257 Ground: 0
Route:  Boufarik AB - Bechar - Tindouf
Details:  The Algerian military plane crashed soon after takeoff in a field and burst into flames. The plane was totally destroyed. All 247 passengers and crew of 10 were killed. This is the 17th worst accident in aviation accident history.
Date:  March 22, 2018      Time: 1543
Location:  Off Whitsunday Island, North Queensland, Australia
Operator:  Whitsunday Air Service
AC Type:  Eurocopter EC120B
Reg:  VH-WII         cn: 1603
Aboard:  5   Fatalities: 2   Ground: 0
Route:  Hardy Reef pontoon
Details:  The non-scheduled passenger helicopter crashed about 40 miles from Whitsunday Islands near Australia's Great Barrier Reef. The aircraft sank soon after crashing. The chopper was approaching near a pontoon that has a underwater viewing chamber to view the coral reefs. Two of the four passengers were killed.

Date:  March 17, 2018      Time: 1120
Location:  Plaridel, Philippines
Operator:  Lite Air Express
AC Type:  Piper PA-32RT-300 T
Reg:  RP-C299         cn: 32R-7985036
Aboard:  5   Fatalities: 5   Ground: 5
Route:  Plaridel - Laoag
Details:  The small passenger plane crashed shortly after taking off from runway 35 into a residential neighborhood. Three passengers, the pilot and a mechanic were all killed. A mother, grandmother and three children were killed on the ground.

Date:  March 12, 2018      Time: 1415
Location:  Kathmandu, Nepal
Operator:  US-Bangla Airlines       Flight: 211
AC Type:  de Havilland Canada DHC-8-402Q Dash 8
Reg:  S2-AGU        cn: 4041
Aboard:  71   Fatalities: 51   Ground: 0
Route:  Dhaka - Kathmandu
Details:  After getting clearance to land, the aircraft was observed flying low. Soon after, the plane impacted terrain and caught fire. There was some confusion as to which runway the plane was to land. Forty-seven passengers and the entire crew of 4 were killed.


Date:  March 6, 2018      Time: 1451
Location:  Latakia, Syria
Operator:  Military - Russian Air Force
AC Type:  Antonov An-26
Reg:  RF-92955/52        cn: 10107
Aboard:  39   Fatalities: 39   Ground: 0
Route:  Kuweires Air Base - Latakia-Khmeimim Air Base
Details:  While on approach to Latakia-Khmeimim Air Base, the military transport plane crashed 1,600 feet short of the runway. The military blamed the crash on a technical error. All 33 passengers and crew of 6 were killed.
Date:  February 18, 2018      Time: 0926
Location:  Kohangan village, Iran
Operator:  Iran Aseman Airlines       Flight: 3704
AC Type:  ATR-72-212
Reg:  EP-ATS         cn: 395
Aboard:  66   Fatalities: 66   Ground: 0
Route:  Tehran - Yasuj
Details:  The airliner was on approach to Yasuj Airport and descending when it crashed into Mt. Dena, 14 miles north of the airport. Poor weather with fog was reported at the time of the accident. Sixty passengers and crew of 6 were all killed.
Date:  February 11,, 2018      Time: 1428
Location:  Argunovo, Russia
Operator:  Saratov Airlines       Flight: 703
AC Type:  Antonov AN-148-100
Reg:  RA-61704         cn: 27015040004
Aboard:  71   Fatalities: 71   Ground: 0
Route:  Moscow - Orsk
Details:  The regional airliner took off from Moscow at 1422. Six minutes later, after reaching an altitude of 6,000 feet, contact was lost with the aircraft. The plane then lost altitude at an accelerated rate until it impacted the ground and disintegrated. Wreckage was scattered over a wide area of over 1 km. Authorities confirmed the aircraft was intact until the time of impact. All 65 passengers and crew of 6 were killed. Preliminary indications are the pilots forgot to turn on the heater to the pitot tube, a device that is used to indicate airspeed. This froze, giving conflicting air speed readings. This set off an alarm which caused the crew to switch to manual controls. The pilots then performed a series of maneuvers that eventually took the plane into a dive.

Date:  February 10, 2018      Time: 1731
Location:  Grand Canyon, Arizona
Operator:  Pallion
AC Type:  Eurocopter EC 130B4
Reg:  N155GC        cn: 7091
Aboard:  7   Fatalities: 5   Ground: 0
Route:  Sightseeing
Details:  The helicopter was observed making strange manoeuvres before clipping a cliff which snapped off its tail end. The aircraft then plummeted 600ft to the base of a gorge. There were strong winds in the area at the time of the accident.

Date:  January 13, 2018      Time: 2325
Location:  Trabzon, Turkey
Operator:  Pegasus Airlines
AC Type:  Boeing 737-82R
Reg:  TC-CPF        cn: 40879/4267
Aboard:  168   Fatalities: 0   Ground: 0
Route:  Ankara - Trabzon
Details:  After landing on runway 11, the aircraft skidded off the left side of the runway, crossed wet grass and went down a steep slope. None of the 168 passengers were were injured.

Date:  December 31,, 2017      Time: 1216
Location:  Punta Islita, Costa Rica
Operator:  Nature Air
AC Type:  Cessna 208B Grand Caravan
Reg:  TI-BEI         cn: 208B-0900
Aboard:  12   Fatalities: 12   Ground: 0
Route:  Punta Islita - San Jose
Details:  The passenger plane crashed 10 minutes after taking off from Punta Islita into a wooded area. Ten American passengers and crew of 2 were all killed.

Date:  December 31, 2017      Time: 1515
Location:  Cowan, Australia
Operator:  Sydney Seaplanes
AC Type:  de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver
Reg:  VH-NOO       cn: 1535
Aboard:  6   Fatalities: 6   Ground: 0
Route:  Sightseeing
Details:  The seaplane carrying 5 passengers and a pilot crashed into Cowan Creek at Jerusalem Bay. The plane was observed making a tight right-hand turn after which the the wings dipped and it nose dived straight into the water. The plane sank rapidly and was found submerged 17 meters of water. All 6 aboard were killed.
Date:  December 14,, 2017      Time: 1230
Location:  Near Tweed, Ontario
Operator:  Hydro One
AC Type:  AerospatialeAS350 B2
Reg:  C-GOHS         cn: 3240
Aboard:  4   Fatalities: 4   Ground: 0
Route:  ?
Details:  The helicopter crashed while performing routine maintenance on power lines. The accident happened while the helicopter was approaching to land at a staging area. The pilot and crew of 3 were all killed. The accident was reported to be caused by an improperly secured external bag coming loose and striking the tail rotor of the helicopter.



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