Date:  August 20, 2015       Time: 0923
Location:  Dubnica, Slovakia
Operator:  Dubnica Air
AC Type:  Let L-410MA / Let L-410UVP
Reg:  OM-ODQ / OM_SAB    cn: 841320 / 750405
Aboard: 34    Fatalities: 7   Ground: 0
Route:  Parachuting
Details:  Both planes came down in a wooded area after a midair collision at 4,700 ft. Both planes were carrying 17 parachutists and 2 pilots. Thirty-one skydivers managed to jump out of the plane safely. All 4 pilots and 2 parachutists on one plane and 1 on the other did not survive.

Date:  August 16, 2015       Time: 1455
Location:  Tangok mountain, Papua
Operator:  Trigana Air Service       Flight: 267
AC Type:  ATR 42-300
Reg:  PK-YRN     cn: 102
Aboard: 54    Fatalities: 54    Ground: 0
Route:  Jayapura- Oksibil
Details:  The passenger plane crashed into Tangok mountain located in a remote area of Papua's eastern most provence. There was no distress call from the aircraft. High winds and heavy rain was reported in the accident area.
Date:  August 12, 2015       Time: 0845
Location:  Ninia, Indonesia
Operator:  Komala Air
AC Type:  Pacific Aerospace
Reg:  PK-KIG     cn: 650-0151
Aboard:  6    Fatalities: 1    Ground: 0
Route:  Wamena - Ninia
Details:  Strong winds forced the crew to enter a holding pattern for 40 minutes. While attempting to land, the pilot touched down half-way down the runway and was unable to stop within the remaining distance. The plane overran the runway and went down an embankment before coming to rest. The copilot was killed.

Date:  July 31, 2015      
Location:  Near Agustin Codazzi, Colombia
Operator:  Military - Colombia Air Force
AC Type:  CASA CN-235-100
Reg:  FAC1261      cn: C-118
Aboard:  11    Fatalities: 11    Ground: 0
Route:  Palanquero AB -Valledupar
Details:  The military transport crashed while en route after the crew reported engine problems. The weather was reported to be poor at the time of the crash.

Date:  July 17, 2015        Time: 1332
Location:  Near Point Howard, Alaska
Operator:  Wings of Alaska       Flight: 202
AC Type:  Cessna 207A
Reg:  N62AK      cn: 20700780
Aboard: 5     Fatalities: 1    Ground: 0
Route:  Juneau - Hoonah
Details:  The scheduled passenger plane crashed in a mountainous area while en route somewhere between Point Howard and Point Couverden. The pilot was killed and the passengers sustained serious injuries.


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Aviation Accident History

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8/22/15  A flighter jet taking part in the Shoreha Airshow crashed onto a highway killing 11 people.

A United Express flight flying from Charlotte to Chicago, flight 5919 made an emergency landing at Indianapolis after a pressurization problem caused the crew to descend to 10,000 ft. rapidly. There were no injuries.

8/8/2015 A Delta Airlines flight from Boston to Salt Lake City, flight 1889, had to make an emergency landing at Denver International Airport after flying into a strong thunderstorm. Hail cracked the wind shield, the plane was severely buffeted and lost 14,000 ft. of altitude in two minutes.

8/1/15   Allegiant Airlines flight 514, flying from Las Vegas to Fresno had to make an emergency landing back at Las Vegas after an apparent engine fire.

7/16/2015   Delta Airlines flight 2469 from Anchorage to Atlanta had to make an emergency landing at Seattle airport after an engine caught on fire. The fire was caused by an engine surge. The plane landed safely.

7/8/15  A Zagros Airlines MD-80 on a scheduled flight from Ahwaz to Tehran returned to Ahwas shortly after taking off after losing an engine.

7/1/15 An Atrak Air Airbus 320 rejected  takeoff from Mehrabad airport in Tehran, Iran due to smoke in the cabin. The crew initiated an evaculation. No one was hurt.

6/29/15 An Aeromexico 787 en route from Mexico to Paris made an emergency landing at Shannon, Ireland after instruments indicated a fire in the cargo hold.

6/21/15  A LAN dreamliner bound for Lima, Peru from LAX, made an emergency landing at LAX after smoke appeared in the cabin. The source turned out to be a defective food warmer.

6/19/15  EasyJet, flight 7045 flying from Liverpool to Charles de Gaul Airport made an emergency landing back at Liverpool after an electrical problem. The flight landed safely with no injuries.

6/16/2015   Southwest Flight 3828 bound for Tulsa, Okla., and Delta Flight 1328, headed to Atlanta began their takeoffs on intersecting runways at Chicago’s Midway airport, before being ordered to stop by air traffic control and averting a collision in the center of the airport.

6/12/2015 A Malaysia Airlines Airbus 330, flight 148 made an emergency landing at Melbourne Australia after aircraft systems signaled an engine fire.

6/12/15 United Air Lines flight 958 flying from Chicago to London was diverted to Goose Bay due to a maintenance issue. The 200 passengers spent 24 hours in military barracks before continuing on to London.

6/12/15 American Airlines flight 2478 made an emergency landing at Lubbock, Texas after reporting engine problems. The engine on the MD-80 was repaired and the flight continued on to Sacramento.

6/5/15 WestJet flight 588 flying from Toronto to Montreal skidded off the end of the runway while landing at Montreal. All aboard safe.

6/5/15   A United Express Dash 8, flight 4776, flying from Newark to Hartford made an emergency landing after a fire broke out in the cockpit. The crew was able to extinguish the fire and land safely.

6/5/15  Egypt Air flight 564 made an emergency landing in Madinah, Egypt after the plane's windshield cracked. The plan landed safely.

6/5/2015  A Delta Airlines flight made a safe emergency landing at Green Bay after a seagull disabled an engine.

6/5/15  Aero Flight 180 from Lagos to Kaduna suddenly lost altitude 20 minutes after departure, forcing it to wobble in the air for over an hour before eventually diverting to Abuja. Aero confirms there was a pressurization problem leading to the dropping of oxygen masks.

6/2/15 An Air France flight en route from Paris to Tokyo was forced to make an emergency landing in eastern Russia follwing engine problems.

6 /2/15 A Goma Air flight from Jomsom to Pokhara made an emergency landing in Nepal after the nose gear failed to deploy.

6/2/15 An EasyJet flight from Turkey to London made an emergency landing at Istanbul Airport after a buring smell was noticed coming out of the cockpit. No one was injured.

5/27/15  Southwest Airlines flight 1516 flying from San Jose to San Diego made an emergency landing at LAX after a warning light showed there might be smoke in a cargo hold. Ground crews found no signs of smoke.