Date:  November 21, 2015       Time: 1155
Location:  Fox Glacier, South Valley, New Zealand
Operator:  Alpine Adventures
AC Type:  Aerospatiale AS 350B2 Ecureuil
Reg:        cn:
Aboard:  7    Fatalities: 7    Ground: 0
Route:  Sightseeing
Details:  The sightseeing helicopter crashed into a crevasse on Fox Glacier. The wreckage site was 2, 500 feet up the valley with debris scattered across hundreds of feet. The pilot and six passengers were all killed.

Date:  November 10, 2015       Time: 1451
Location:  Akron, Ohio
Operator:  ExecuFlight       Flight: 1526
AC Type:  BAe 125-700A
Reg:  N880RG      cn: 257107/NA252
Aboard:  9    Fatalities: 9    Ground: 0
Route:  Dayton - Akron
Details:  The business jet clipped a telephone wire, hit a small apartment building and crashed into an embankment about 4 miles from the Akron Fulton Airport The plane was attempting to land in overcast and rainy conditions. The2 pilots and 7 passengers were all killed.

Date:  November 4, 2015       Time: 0900
Location:  Juba, South Sudan
Operator:  Allied Services Limited     
AC Type:  Antonov 12BK
Reg:  EY-406      cn: 1347704
Aboard:  43    Fatalities: 41   Ground: 0
Route:  Juba - Paloich
Details:  The cargo plane had just taken off from Juba Airport when it had difficulty gaining altitude and crashed into a hill about half a mile east of Runway 13.

Date:  October 31, 2015       Time: 0613
Location:  Near Hasna, Egypt
Operator:  Metrojet (Kogalymavia)      Flight: 9268
AC Type:  Airbus A321-231
Reg:  EI-ETJ      cn: 663
Aboard:  224    Fatalities: 224    Ground: 0
Route:  Sharem el Sheikh - St. Petersburg
Details:  Approximate 25 minutes after taking off from Sharem el Sheikh airport, radar contact was lost with the airliner. Wreckage was found near Hasna in the north Sinai. The aircraft was flying at about 30,000 feet when contact with the plane was lost. This is the 27th worst acident in aviation history. The aircraft was brought down by a homemade explosive device.



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Aviation Accident History

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11/15/2015  An El Al flight from Tel Aviv to Los Angeles made an emergency landing in Billings Montana after a fire warning light indicated a fire in the right engine. The plane landed safely, no fire was observed.

10/29/2015 Passengers had to evacuate a Dynamic Airways B767 using slides, after the plane's engine caught fire at Fort Lauderdale /Hollywood Airport as it prepared to takeoff.

10/24/15 A Boeing 767 from LAX to DTW diverted to Denver after experiencing right engine problems. A single engine approach was completed to runway 16L and no one was injured. DL1876

Denver after experiencing right engine problems. A single engine approach was completed to runway 16L and no one was injured. DL1876

10/26/2015   British Airways Flight 6234 made an emergency landing without it's left main landing gear at Tambo Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa. None of the 100 aboard were hurt.

10/15/15 An Iranian Mahan Air Boeing 747 made an emergency landing after the #3 engine separated from the wing. The plane, with 426 people on board made a safe landing at Mehrabad.

9/28/15 An Aer Lingus flight from JFK to Shannon had to return for an emergency landing at JFK after experiencing a hydraulic failure. After landing emergency crews extinguished a fire in the braking system. No one was hurt.

9/19/2015 A Thompson Airways flight from Tenerife to Cardiff with 200 people aboard, made an emergency landing at Cardiff after encountering wing flap problems. No one was hurt.

9/9/15 A British Airways Boeing 777 caught fire while on the runway at Las Vegas, sending 13 people to the hospital. The plane was getting ready to takeoff when a thud was heard after which the left engine caught on fire.

8/22/15  A flighter jet taking part in the Shoreha Airshow crashed onto a highway killing 11 people.

A United Express flight flying from Charlotte to Chicago, flight 5919 made an emergency landing at Indianapolis after a pressurization problem caused the crew to descend to 10,000 ft. rapidly. There were no injuries.

8/8/2015 A Delta Airlines flight from Boston to Salt Lake City, flight 1889, had to make an emergency landing at Denver International Airport after flying into a strong thunderstorm. Hail cracked the wind shield, the plane was severely buffeted and lost 14,000 ft. of altitude in two minutes.

8/1/15   Allegiant Airlines flight 514, flying from Las Vegas to Fresno had to make an emergency landing back at Las Vegas after an apparent engine fire.

7/16/2015   Delta Airlines flight 2469 from Anchorage to Atlanta had to make an emergency landing at Seattle airport after an engine caught on fire. The fire was caused by an engine surge. The plane landed safely.

7/8/15  A Zagros Airlines MD-80 on a scheduled flight from Ahwaz to Tehran returned to Ahwas shortly after taking off after losing an engine.

7/1/15 An Atrak Air Airbus 320 rejected  takeoff from Mehrabad airport in Tehran, Iran due to smoke in the cabin. The crew initiated an evaculation. No one was hurt.

6/29/15 An Aeromexico 787 en route from Mexico to Paris made an emergency landing at Shannon, Ireland after instruments indicated a fire in the cargo hold.

6/21/15  A LAN dreamliner bound for Lima, Peru from LAX, made an emergency landing at LAX after smoke appeared in the cabin. The source turned out to be a defective food warmer.