Date:  October 13, 2016      Time: 2136
Location:  Near Winfield, British Columbia, Canada
Operator:  Norjet
AC Type:  Cessna 500 Citation I
Reg:  C-GTNG         cn: 500-0169
Aboard:  4    Fatalities: 4   Ground: 0
Route:  Kelowna, BC - Springbank, AB
Details:  The aircraft crashed about 8 minutes after taking off from Kelowna International Airport. There was no distress calls received prior to the crash. Former Alberta premier Jim Prentice killed along with three others.

Date:  August 31, 2016      Time: 1100
Location:  Russian Mission, Alaska
Operator:  Hageland Aviiation       Flight: 3190
AC Type:  Cessna 208 Grand Caravan
Reg:  N752RV         cn: 208B5088
Aboard:  5    Fatalities: 5   Ground: 1
Route:  Russian Mission- Marshall
Details:  A midair collision occurred between a Cessna 208 and a Piper PA-18 Super Cub just northwest of Russian Mission Airport. Three on the Cessna and 2 on the Piper were fatally injured. Rough terrain complicated removal of the victims.

Date:  August 5, 2016      Time: 1238
Location:  Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Operator:  Emirates       Flight: 521
AC Type:  Boeing 777-31H
Reg:  A6-EMW         cn: 32700/434
Aboard:  300    Fatalities: 0   Ground: 1
Route:  Thiruvanthapuram, India - Dubai, UAE
Details:  After being cleared to land, the crew informed Dubai tower they were going around. Immediately after being cleared to go-around, the aircraft impacted the runway, losing an engine and catching fire. The plane slid to a stop and all aboard evacuated the plane safely. One fire fighter was killed while fighting the fire.

Date:  July 22, 2016      
Location:  Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean
Operator:  Indian Air Force
AC Type:  Antonov 32
Reg:  K2743          cn: 0809
Aboard:  29   Fatalities: 29    Ground: 0
Route:  Chennai (Tambram AFB) - Port Blair
Details:  The aircraft went missing while on a 854 mile flight from Chennai to Port Blair. The flight was to take 3 hours. The last communication from the crew was 16 minutes after take off.


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9/23/16 After suffering hydraulic failure and fumes in the cabin, a QantasLink Fokker 100 made an emergency landing at Perth. After chutes were deployed, 102 passengers exited the plane. Two were taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

8/31/16 Twelve people were hospitalized after United Airlines flight 880, bound from Houston to London, ran into severe turbulence. An emergency landing was made in Shannon, Ireland.

8/28/16 Ice Road Truckers star Darrell Ward killed in plane crash in Montana.
See details under famous deaths.

8/27/2016 Southwest Airlines flight 3472, bound from New Orleans to Orlando, was forced to make an emergency landing at Pensacola, after the aircraft lost part of an engine while over the Gulf of Mexico. The plane landed safely with no injuries.

8/24/16 Thompson Airways flight 7352 on a flight from Birmingham to Paphos, Cyprus returned for an emergency landing soon after taking off due to a bird strike and loss of an engine.No one was injured (except the bird).

8/18/16 Qatar flight 240 flying from Istanbul to Doha had to make an emergency landing at Istanbul after a bird strike on one of it's engines. All 312 aboard disimbared normally.

8/11/16 Twenty-four people were taken to the hospital after Jet Blue flight 429 flying from Boston to Sacramento ran into severe turbulence.

6/27/16 Singapore Airlines, fight 368 flying from Changi to Milan, had to return to Singapore for an emergency landing after the crew received an engine oil warning. On landing, the right engine burst into flames. No one was injured.

6/19/16 American Airlines flight 1086 flying from Boston to Miami had to make an emergency landing at JFK after passengers heard two explosions and the cabin filled with smoke. No one was injured.

United Airlines Flight 1948 blew a tire while attempting to take off from Tampa. The captain had to make an emergency stop and foam was used to put out a small fire that erupted. No one was injured.

5/27/16 A fire broke out on a Korean Airlines flight before it took off, forcing a evacuation of passengers. KA Flight 2708 was headed to Seoul from Tokyo. Nineteen people were injured.

5/9/16 Delta Airlines Flight 762, en route from Atlanta to Chicago made an emergency landing at Nashville after turbulence caused an engine cowling to separate from the aircraft. No one was injured.

5/4/16 Thirty-one passengers were injured when an Eihad Airways A330, Flight 474, ran into severe turbulence on a flight from Abu Dabi to Jakarta.

4/20/2016 An American Airlines plane diverted to Phoenix after a bird strike cracked a cockpit window during a takeoff from Las Vegas headed for Charlotte N.C.

2/20/2016 United Express Flight 6183 bound for San Antonio from Washington DC made an emergency decent and diverted to Dallas after there was a loss of cabin pressure. No one was injured.

2/15/2016 An Alaska Airlines flight declared an emergency and returned to Dulles International Airport in Washington after smoke filled the cockpit. The plane landed safely and no one was injured.

2/11/2016 American Airlines Flight 564 from San Jose, California to Phoenix, Arizona, made an emergency landing at Los Angeles International Airport after 8 people reported respiratory irritation. No one was hospitalized.

2/7/16 A United Airlines flight (6517) from Tucson to Los Angeles had to make an emergency landing back at Tucson after smoke was reported in the cockpit and in the cabin. No one was injured.

1/29/16 Air Canada Flight 549, bound for Vancouver from Newark, made an emergency descent and landing at Toronto after a loss of pressurization. No one was injured.