Date: November 20, 1993
Time: 23:30
Location: Near Ohrid, Macedonia
Operator: Aviaimpex (Macedonia)
Flight #: 110
Route: Genèva- Skopje
AC Type: Yakovlev YAK-42D
Registration: RA-42390
cn / ln: 4016557
Aboard: 116   (passengers:108  crew:8)
Fatalities: 116   (passengers:108  crew:8)
Ground: 0
Summary: The airliner crashed and exploded after an aborted landing at Ohrid Airport. The aircraft was diverted to Ohrid because of bad weather. Violation of airport traffic pattern. The flight had earlier carried out a missed approach but the crew had reportedly failed to follow the normal procedure and as a result lost situational awareness. The VOR beacon not working. Misunderstanding because air traffic controller spoke Macedonian while the crew used Russian and English in their transmissions.

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