January 13, 2000
Off Marsa el-Brega, Libyas
Shorts 360-300

The aircraft was on a flight from Tripoli to Marsa el-Brega Libya ferrying oil workers. As
the twin engine plane approached Marsa El-Brega, the crew experienced a double engine

failure and ditched into the sea.

14.35:41 Captain Approach checks yes
14.35:43 F/o Air conditioning ok are off. Ok seat belt sign
14.35:50 Captain On
14.35:51 F/o Landing lights
14.35:51 Captain Both on
14.35:54 F/o Weather radar
14.35:55 Captain On stand by mode
14.36:01 F/o Cabin report
14.36:03 Captain Next
14.36:18 F/o S21, AM
14.36:22 ATC Go ahead
14.36:24 F/o Ok wind check please
14.36:29 ATC 090 variable 120 at 20 kts
14.36:32 F/o Shukrn
14.36:57 Captain Ah, ah
14.36:58 (sound of autopilot disconnect)
14.36:58 Captain We just had an engine failure
14.37:00 F/o You are not kidding.
14.37:01 F/o Oil pressure going low
14.37:03 Captain Power
14.37:04 F/o Ok
14.37:05 Captain Ok power on the right engine
14.37:11 F/o Ok, checked
14.37:12 (warning sound)
14.37:21 Captain Ok gears and flaps are up
14.37:23 F/o Yes
14.37:25 Captain Confirm left engine failure
14.37:26 F/o Confirmed.
14.37:27 Captain Shut down left engine
14.37:28 F/o Ok
14.37:28 (sound of engine running down)
14.37:29 Captain Oh, oh, my god
14.37:33 F/o What happened
14.37:34 F/o Right generator
14.37:35 Captain Both failures, two engine failures
14.37:38 F/o Yes
14.37:39 Captain Just call call Marsa Brega
14.37:40 F/o Yah, S-21 AAM
14.37:45 Captain Dalila, prepare for emergency landing we have two engine failures
14.37:46 (warning sound)
14.37:48 F/o Ok, we lost engine
14.37:50 Captain Two engines
14.37:52 F/o Two engines, we lost two engines approaching the coast line
14.37:56 Captain My god
14.37:57 Captain Try to restart
14.37:57 F/o OK
14.37:58 Captain Try to restart
14.38:00 (several warning sounds, a.o. GPWS during 22 seconds)
14.38:10 Captain Oh, my god
14.38:17 Captain Open the emergency
14.38:19 F/o ok (hadi)
14.38:21 Captain Yes
14.38:22 F/o (ya) bashir
14.38:23 (sound of opening of emergency hatch)
14.38:25 F/o (aiwa)
14.38:26 F/o OK we are ditching
14.38:30 F/o (ya rab)
14.38:32 ATC Confirm emergency
14.38:34 F/o Emergency
14.38:34 Sound of impact. End of recording.

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