July 19, 2000
Linneus, Maine
Airwave Transport, Flight 9807
Grumman G-159 Gulfstream I

After declaring an emergency the cargo plane crew requested the nearest airport. The
aircraft soon after descended out of control and crashed on the eastern side of the
Meduxnekeag River. The pilot-in-command's failure to maintain minimum control airspeed,
which resulted in a loss of control. Factors in this accident were clouds, and a loss of engine
power for undetermined reasons, while in cruise flight above the airplane's single engine
service ceiling. A crew of two, the only ones on board, were killed.

CAP = Captain
F/O = First officer
RDO-2 = First officer Radio communications
# = expletive

00.29:16   A sound similar to decrease in propeller RPM   
00.29:20  F/O: we got an engine failure, number one
00.29:27  CAP: carry out the drill
00.29:41  F/O: feathered. RPM zero
00.29:55  CAP: what the # is going on?
00.29:57  F/O: I don't know.
00.30:07  CAP: what is going on here.
00.30:09  F/O: I don't know. # you're losing airspeed as well.
00.30:12  CAP: ok. Declare an emergency.
00.30:25  F/O: oh # keep it.
00.30:26  F/O:  keep it up. Keep it up.
00.30:36  CAP: oh no, uh oh.
00.30:42  RDO-2: the co-pilot transmitted we've lost control.
00.30:46  a sound similar to varying change in propeller noise begins and continues to the end of recording.
00.30:51  CAP: uh ohh.
00.30:54  F/O: which way are we flying?
00.30:56  CAP:  I have no-
00.30:56  F/O:  I don't know I don't know.
00.31:09  CAP:  I have no idea which way is up.
00.31:10  F/O:  oh. Ground... I don't know either [].
00.31:13  CAP:  *upside down?

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