November 12, 2001
Belle Harbor, Queens, New York
American Airlines Flight 587
Airbus A300-600

Three minutes after taking off and while in a climbing left turn, at 2,800 ft., parts of the
plane, including the vertical stabilizer and rudder, fell from the aircraft. The crew soon lost
control of the plane which nose dived and crashed into a residential neighborhood. After
flying into the wake turbulence of two aircraft about two minutes into the flight, investigators
believe a series of quick rudder swings by the copilot whipped the tail so severely that the
fin broke off.  All 260 aboard were killed.

HOT-1 = Hot microphone - Captain
HOT-2 = Hot microphone - Copilot
CAM = Cockpit area microphone
RDO = Radio transmission from accident aircraft
TWR = Radio transmission from JFK control tower
DEP = Radio transmission from New York departure control
* Unintelligible word
# Expletive
.... Break in continuity
[ ] Editorial insertion

0913:27.6 TWR American five eight seven heavy, wind three zero zero at niner, runway three one left, cleared for takeoff.
0913:31.7 RDO-1 Cleared for takeoff, American ah, five eight seven heavy.
0913:35.3 HOT-2 You happy with that distance?
0913:38.5 HOT-1 Aah, he's.... we'll be all right once we get rollin'. he's supposed to be five miles by the time we're airborne, that's the idea.
0913:45.5 HOT-2 So you're happy. lights?
0913:47.1 HOT-1 Yeah, lights are on.
0913:47.8 HOT-2 Takeoff check's complete, I'm on the roll. thank you sir.
0913:53.5 HOT-1 Thrust SRS, runway.
0913:54.7 CAM [Sound similar to increase in engine RPM]
0914:03.8 HOT-2 You got throttles.
0914:08.9 HOT-1 Eighty knots, thrust blue.
0914:23.4 HOT-1 V one.
0914:24.3 HOT-1 Rotate.
0914:25.7 HOT-1 V two
0914:28.5 HOT-1 V two plus ten.
0914:30.4 HOT-2 Positive rate, gear up please.
0914:31.5 HOT-1 Gear up.
0914:33.1 CAM [Sound of thump and two clicks]
0914:38.5 HOT-2 Heading select.
0914:41.9 HOT-1 Clear left.
0914:42.6 TWR American five eight seven heavy, turn left. Fly the Bridge Climb. Contact New York departure. Good morning.
0914:48.3 RDO-1 American five eighty seven heavy, so long.
0914:51.4 HOT-1 Gear's up.
0914:52.5 HOT-2 Check speed, level change.
0914:54.8 HOT-2 Flaps up.
0914:56.5 HOT-2 Climb power.
0914:57.1 CAM [Sound of click]
0915:00.0 RDO-1 Ah New York, American five eighty seven heavy, thirteen hundred feet, we're climbing to five thousand.
0915:04.7 DEP American five eight seven heavy, New York departure. Radar contact. Climb maintain one three thousand.
0915:10.2 RDO-1 One three thousand feet, American five eighty seven heavy.
0915:14.6 HOT-2 One three I see, slats retract.
0915:16.5 HOT-1 Slats.
0915:17.2 CAM [Sound of several clicks]
0915:28.5 HOT-1 Clean machine.
0915:28.5 HOT-2 [Sound similar to yawn] thank you.
0915:36.4 DEP American five eighty seven heavy, turn left, proceed direct WAVEY.
0915:37.3 HOT-1 [Sound of brief squeak and a rattle]
0915:41.0 RDO-1 Uh, we'll turn direct WAVEY, American five eighty seven heavy.
0915:44.4 HOT-2 Left turn direct WAVEY….
0915:44.7 HOT-1 Little wake turbulence, huh? 
0915:45.6  HOT-2  …yeah.
0915:47.3  HOT-2 [Sound similar to five sets of stabilizer trim switch clicks] 
0915:48.2 HOT-2 Two fifty thank you.
0915:51.0   [Aircraft encounters second wake vortex]
0915:51.8 CAM [Sound of a thump]
0915:52.3 CAM [Sound of click]
0915:52.9 CAM [Sound of two thumps]
0915:54.2 HOT-2 Max power. [spoken in strained voice]
0915:55.0 HOT-1 You all right?
0915:55.3 HOT-2 Yea, I'm fine.
0915:56.3 HOT-1 Hang onto it. hang onto it.
0915:56.6 CAM [Sound of snap]
0915:57.5 HOT-2 Let's go for power please.
0915:57.7 CAM [Sound of loud thump]
0915:58.5 CAM [Sound of loud bang]
0916:00.0 HOT-2 [Sound similar to human grunt]
0916:00.2 CAM [Roaring noise starts and increases in amplitude]
0916:01.0 HOT-2 Holy #.
0916:01.0 CAM [Sound similar to single ECAM chime]
0916:02.0 CAM [Sound similar to single ECAM chime]
0916:04.4 CAM [Sound similar to stall warning repetitive chime for 1.9 seconds]
0916:06.2 CAM [Roaring noise decreases and ends]
0916:07.5 HOT-2 What the hell are we into *. We're stuck in it.
0916:07.5 CAM [Sound similar to continuous repetitive chimes for one second]
0916:09.6 CAM [Sound similar to continuous repetitive chimes for three seconds]
0916:12.8 HOT-1 Get out of it, get out of it.
0916:14.8   END of RECORDING

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